The Shadows Between the Neon
Inside Mildred: The Racier Side of "A.I."

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In "A.I.", Joe points out one of the hot spots in Rouge City, a building called "Mildred" in the shape of a giant woman draped in neon, telling David he'll have to show him inside Mildred... We never got to see that scene, but if that joint was anything like most places in Rouge City...
Well, here's a few fics for our adult readers to get an idea of what you might find...

"my wooden heart" by "Kate"

An encounter between Joe and Jane. (Het)

"Alexandra" by Candice/mwfte

A pre-A.I. story about Joe and Alexandra, a young woman who befriends him and pays (at least up to this point) a dire price. (Fragment: Mild het) *


First Time's the Charm

by "Matrix Refugee"
A young reporter's romance with a very special female lover-robot... (Het, violence against a Mecha)
 Chains by Tara Kingsmill 
The ties that bind Gigolo Joe and Patricia (Het: Joe/Patricia)

"Jane" by Henry Lake Spaulding

A fragment of a fic describing a typical night for a lover-'bot named Jane (Het)

The Shadows Between the Neon

By "Matrix Refugee"
(Third in the series involving Cecie Martin) A killer is on the prowl in Rouge City, cutting down male lover-Mechas.... Is Joe next? And can Cecie protect him, while wrestling with her own feelings for him? (Violence, one slash scene [OMC/OMC] and het [Joe/OC])

"Temptation" by raven moon 
While serving a customer, something happens to Joe that confounds his processors...(Het: Joe/OC) [New Link!]

"Cherry Hill" by Tara Kingsmill

A lonely girl wants Joe to be her first. (Het: Joe/OC) [NEW CHAPTERS COMING SOON]

"Confession" by Laurie E. Smith

A Roman Catholic priest begins wrestling with his real desires when he encounters a green-yed lover-Mecha named Joe... (Slash: Joe/OC)

"One Degree of Separation" Part 1/2
"One Degree of Separation" Part 2/2

by Laurie E. Smith

After David's disappearance, Dr. Hobby finds consolation with the last being to see David... (Slash: Hobby/Joe)

 "Birthday Girl" by Laurie E. Smith **

A tale of Joe's early days at "Here Kitty Kitty", the club mentioned in the movie, where the Agency held his trials when he was "made new". SLASH and heterosexual sex! -- IN PROGRESS
A Momentary Lapse of Reason by "Grace"  
Set post-movie. On a cold night, Jeremy, a small-town whore, encounters lover-Mecha on the run. Slash: Joe/OMC. NEW!!

** Indicates a fanfic found exclusively on "Clear and Haunting Visions"